I teach in the Information Systems Department at the University of Utah. Classes I regularly teach include Cloud Computing (graduate), Systems Analysis and Design (graduate), Introduction to Information Systems (upper-division undergraduate), Data Warehousing (graduate), and Networking and Servers (graduate). In the past, I have also taught at Utah Valley University and Salt Lake Community College.

A quote from my teaching philosophy:

For me, teaching is the noblest profession. It fosters healthy curiosity and inspires generations of educated people to feel confident to forge new pathways to solving the world’s most serious problems. As future leaders, all students have a great responsibility to help make the world a better place. As a teacher, it is my responsibility to help students accomplish that by whatever intellectual vehicle they choose.

Online Courses

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Splunk is the number one IT operations, analytics, and machine learning platform for machine language. It allows you to build compelling visualizations and reports from unstructured or semi-structured data (like data from log files or IoT sensors), as well as strucutred data (XML, JSON, CSV, Hadoop, Relational DB, etc.)

Data science and big data are huge fields, and they are growing rapidly. Get comfortable with one of the best big data tools for IT professionals for only $40. This is conceptually based on the official Splunk Bootcamp, which costs $5,000. There’s no reason not to make this investment.


I am a lifetime student and love learning anything and everything. In that regard, I believe MOOCs are one of the best things to come from the internet. Online education is taking off rapidly and traditional universities as well as professionals and other educators are creating classes for the masses. Here is a list of MOOCs I’ve completed, not to brag, but to inspire you to enroll!

Here’s a video of me talking about education and MOOCs on the healthcare.ai weekly broadcast.

List of MOOCs I’ve Completed